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Repair Services

We take pride in our ability to offer fair and reliable service of sewing machines and sergers for our customers. We are an authorized service center for SINGER, PFAFF, HUSQVARNA, and VIKING machines. In addition we are very familiar with most other brands. However, we may turn away high end models of machines for which we are not an authorized service center and recommend you go to the dealer you bought it from.
​We are also quite familiar and can provide the necessary replacement parts for many older machines including the SINGER Featherweight, Touch and Sew, Genie, Stylist, 201, 301, 66, and 15. In addition we are familiar with the older PFAFF machines and the HUSQVARNA VIKING 6000 series. Don't hesitate to ask us about the repair of any machine.

We have standard basic service rates listed below. We try to be as fair as possible when providing necessary additional labor to make your machine run tip top. A standard service means: oiling all applicable areas, greasing all applicable areas, adjusting upper and lower tension, adjusting balance when possible, and checking all functions of the machine. After a basic service your machine will be running properly and if it won't be, we will let you know what it will need before going further with repairs.

When you bring your machine in please make sure that you provide your foot control, power cord, and standard presser foot. We do not need a manual for your sewing machine but it is helpful if you bring the manual for your serger.

**Due to the volume of machines we have taken in for repair this Fall, we will not be taking in any more machines for the remainder of 2021. This will give us a chance to catch up on what we have and create some much needed space in the store. We will continue to take care of any warranty/service work for customers who have purchased machines from us**


Rush Fee: $25 (We will get your machine done for you in a day or two. This charge is on top of all labor charges)

Fully Mechanical Straight Stitch Machines (Singer Featherweight and some older Singer models): $59

Mechanical Basic Service: $69

Computerized Basic Service: $79

Overlock Serger Basic Service: $85

Coverlock/Overlock Serger Basic Service: $89

Additional Labor: Roughly $50 per hour. Typically we will call you if your repair is going to run $25 more than a basic service charge.

Appointment Charge: $25 (Perfect for our customers who are traveling a distance to see us. We will do a same day service for you that we book in advance. This charge is on top of all labor charges.)


​What's a mechanical machine? The first sewing machine i​nvented was mechanical and many still are today. It means the machine contains no circuitry and all the functions are driven by belts and/or gears. The different stitches are created through the use of internal or external cams.

Computerized machines are driven mechanically and through the use of stepping motors. This is why computerized machines are able to have such a variety of decorative stitches and lots of other functions too. They are all controlled through circuit boards. In turn, there are lots of wires and expensive parts to maneuver around when performing a basic service. This is why the price is a little higher for these machines.

​Sergers function completely differently than sewing machines. They form stitches through the use of loopers and needles with either three, four, or five threads. They are more time consuming and therefore the price is higher for repair.